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Frigin’ perfect estate in Camarillo. Check. Perfect weather. Check. Gorgeous couple. Check. AH. I love this.

Shot alongside none other than the FANTASTIC Mrs. Denise Bovee. Thanks for having me šŸ˜‰

Brandon + Chelsea Married.

Camarillo wedding photographer, vintage wedding

Remember when..


… we took that oldĀ suburbanĀ (affectionally know as Brother Beast) into the aquaduct, and drove from Chino to Mt. Baldy Rd at 4am?

And remember how it had working train bells bolted to the side of it that were obnoxiously loud?

And remember how it died, and we got stuck, and ended up in a rock quarry?

I do.

Rog had a shoot in crystal cove, Lyndz is days/hours/mins from bringing a human child into earth.

Cpt. Nick to the freaking rescue. Rog and I hopped into my car and the shoot turned into a Del Taco/beach drive/photo date.Ā NOTDATE.

Here are some shots from this fantasic couple that Rog and Lyndz will be shooting this summer.