I put two sticks on the ground to mark the spot.

She said yes.

I clicked and clicked.

B&B-1001 B&B-1002 B&B-1003B&B-1006 storyboard001 storyboard002 storyboard003Bryce&Brooke-1001 Bryce&Brooke-1007 Bryce&Brooke-1008 Bryce&Brooke-1003 Bryce&Brooke-1002 Bryce&Brooke-1004 Bryce&Brooke-1006 Bryce&Brooke-1005 Bryce&Brooke-1010 Bryce&Brooke-1011 Bryce&Brooke-1013 Bryce&Brooke-1014 Bryce&Brooke-1009 Bryce&Brooke-1012

4 Responses to “Bryce & Brooke. Engaged.”

  1. Jason Ball says:

    i remember this tweet from the back of the car… excellent job.

  2. man…so good. so good that confetti needs to be thrown.

  3. Love the last location set! Your work is seriously amazing. New fan!

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