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24TS-e mkii

These perfect people in this perfect place exist. Let that sink in.
Photographed alongsideĀ Nick Pitt.

S&B-1074 S&B-1068 S&B-1008 S&B3-1003 S&B-1003 storyboard001 S&B-1005 S&B-1007 S&B-1006 S&B-1009 S&B-1011 S&B-1014 storyboard002 S&B-1010 S&B-1016 S&B-1017 S&B-1002 S&B-1018 S&B-1019 S&B-1020 S&B-1021 storyboard003 S&B-1023 S&B-1026 S&B-1027S&B-1013 S&B-1012 S&B-1015 S&B-1028 S&B-1029 S&B-1030 S&B-1031 S&B-1034 S&B-1032 S&B-1033 storyboard004 S&B-1038 storyboard005 S&B-1040 S&B-1048 storyboard006 S&B-1046 storyboard007 S&B-1049 S&B-1052 S&B-1054 S&B-1056 S&B-1057 S&B-1059 S&B-1061 S&B-1063 S&B-1064 S&B-1065 S&B-1066 S&B-1067 S&B-1069 S&B-1070 S&B-1071S&B-1075 S&B-1073 S&B-1072 S&B2-1001 S&B2-1002 S&B2-1003 S&B2-1004 S&B2-1005 S&B2-1006 S&B-1076 S&B-1078 S&B-1081 storyboard008

T&E-1003T&E-1002T&E-1004 T&E-1005 T&E-1006 T&E-1007 T&E-1014 T&E-1017 T&E-1018 T&E-1015 T&E-1016 T&E-1008 T&E-1009 T&E-1010 storyboard001 T&E-1013 T&E-1021 T&E-1019 T&E-1025 storyboard002 storyboard003 storyboard004 T&E-1031 T&E-1034 storyboard005 storyboard006 storyboard007 T&E-1022

hugs to Nick Pitt for making photos with me and for magic.