These perfect people in this perfect place exist. Let that sink in.
Photographed alongside Nick Pitt.

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hugs to Nick Pitt for making photos with me and for magic.

I subscribe to the idea that, intrinsically, there’s no wrong way to have a wedding. That being said, there definitely is a right way. This is it. We knew when they invited us out to the Herman Miller Design center to shoot their engagement photos that this was going to be huge. In hindsight, “huge” is too small of a word. Everything, and I mean everything, was purposefully thought out and perfectly executed. I mean, c’mon, look at their wedding website.
Oh, and they have the best house in the world. Go check that business out here –> The Breen Haus.
Justine and Brendon, thank you. Thank you for caring enough about this day to pour yourselves into it in a very apparent and gorgeous way. You’re attention to detail didn’t go unnoticed. Thank you for welcoming us in like family and letting us spend the day with you. Also, please thank whoever snatched my camera and took a photo of Katie and I because they deserve a hug.


Skip down after the photos to check out their Wedding Film 🙂