Danny and Anique’s engagement is HERE. Congrats you two, honored to document this day.

15 Responses to “Danny & Anique. Married.”

  1. Kip Beelman says:

    Full coverage. Delightful to look at. She is a beauty.

  2. Travis says:

    Nice. Lovely portraits and great job telling the story.

  3. Josh Tilton says:

    Great coverage Nick. She is stunning.

  4. J Shoda says:

    Damn son, that’s wassup.

  5. bryan says:

    rad stuff my friend.

  6. jeff ambrose says:

    yeah buddy. dig the new subtleties in the processing.

  7. David says:

    This is good, Nick. Really, really good.

  8. LOGAN COLE says:

    Just stop right now! This is tooo good!

  9. Drew W says:

    Dude, shot 56 is freakin awesome! Nice coverage bro!.

  10. Drew Renner says:

    Nick-tastic!! Dont ever stop taking pictures cause your images make my eye holes very pleased. I would like many of these on facebook, make wall art out of most, add the Dancing GIF as my screen saver… just saying.

  11. ellice says:

    first one. ummm. breathtaking.

  12. Mrs. Medina - aka: Wedding Coordinator for Ciurdar Event says:

    Mr. Radford –

    I hope you remember me – I was one of the two coordinators at Sam and Amanda Ciurdar’s wedding in June . . . the one who threatened death. Okay – we’re past that but it’s a good memory point.

    I have reviewed your photos here. Son, you are one, incredibly talented fella. I hope a lot of people see this and call you and pay you what you are worth. These aren’t just photos – they live memories in still time forever.

    Again, sir – nicely done.

    Carry on, and bless you.

    Mrs. M
    Events and Personal Concierge Services

  13. Linda R says:

    Mr. Radford,
    This are the most amazing pictures. You did an incredible job and I will highly recommend you to anyone. Wow is all I can say. Outstanding

  14. nirav says:

    Killer set amigo.

  15. Bonnie Van Schijndel says:

    Dear Nick,
    Thank you so much for capturing the story of Danny and Anique’s special day…….you did a fantastic job and I would recommend you to anyone. Keep up the good work, you will go far. Blessings to you and your wife.
    Dan’s Mom……Bonnie Van Schijndel

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