I met Ashlee and Eddie at the Apple Store, waiting for the iPhone 4. Obviously they were already awesome. Now they’re awesomer. FACT: Being married makes all things AWESOMER. Mega thanks to Katie Neal for helping out!!! Ps. Check out the video that the rad folks at SML shot HERE.

bride laughing, black and white weddingBride in Mirrorrustic wedding

Props to Katie for snaggin’ this next one.

wedding langham

10 Responses to “Eddie & Ashlee. Married.”

  1. Maybe I’ll blog tonight..



  2. J Shoda says:

    Awesome alert. Nice job Nick Radical.

  3. michael says:

    these are kind of ridiculously good.

  4. Rog says:

    Rog was here

  5. Ashlee says:

    Love love them can’t wait for more

  6. Steve says:

    Love the photos duder! Especially Katie Neal winking at us. . . . OH YEAH. You can tell her I said that, ha!

  7. Tami Morrow says:

    WOW… what a beautiful wedding!! you guys look so happy!!! i wish you all of the happiness that this crazy world can offer. Many Many Blessings!!

  8. Katie says:

    Freaking out over these. Really, some of my faves you’ve ever done!!!! The ring shot made me almost pee my pants. 🙂

  9. Eddie says:

    Thanks for capturing our precious moments!

  10. Nirav says:

    This is slick dude! Dig the couples portraits. Muy fantastico senior.

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