All my thanks to Jordan & Stephanie for inviting me to make photographs with them.
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// Venue – Long Branch Saloon // Catering: Fins on the Hoof // All the flowers were done by the bride. What? Yeah.  // Dress: Sarah Seven // Coordinator: Elise Everett  // Video: Wade KochSharkpig //

8 Responses to “Jordan & Stephanie. Married. Half Moon Bay, CA”

  1. Amanda matthews says:

    Absolutey stunning! Your work is amazing art.

  2. Millie Radford says:

    I love looking at the wedding pictures you take. You are very talented!

  3. dang, the groom’s mustache is no joke. and I dig his socks. these are incredible.

  4. nirav says:

    Beautifully done man.

  5. I’m really liking the number of hamburger photos in this blog post. Also, you are very good.

  6. Thanks for having me along friend. It was a pleasure getting attempted seduced at teh end of the night.

  7. Great stuff Nick! Congrats Jordan and Stephanie- looks like it was an epic day!

  8. Heath says:

    Loved it. A treat.

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