25 Responses to “Kirk & Vickie. Engaged.”

  1. gee says:

    very nice, beautiful light!

  2. Maggie Fortson says:


  3. J Shoda says:

    Wow dude. You tagged appropriately.

  4. oooooh! love these!

  5. So that light didn’t suck, eh.

  6. michael rowley says:


  7. Ridiculous. Stop it. VK-65 is unreal.

  8. Phil Chester says:

    Dude these are perfect. Beyond top notch.

  9. mae says:

    mmm, mmm, MMMMM.

  10. Gedas Girdvainis says:

    Lovely man! like it!

  11. Kirk says:

    Oh wow! What an amazing experience, the pictures turned out so great. We’ve been looking at them for 2 days straight now. Thanks for your incredible work!

  12. Vickie says:

    Nick! Thank you so much for making our awkward selves look so normal and natural. You have such an awesome gift of making people feel happy and comfortable. We are so lucky that we get to hang out with you on our big day! SUPER EXCITED! YAAAYYYY!!!!

  13. LOGAN COLE says:

    Awesome job my friend! Loving the colors and skin tones.

  14. you did the ‘hey were laying down and having fun’ shot so well. i cant get it. KILLER light.

  15. hug says:

    I just my-named my display after looking at these pictures. think about it.

  16. ryan flynn says:

    sweet sauce. that location is ridiculous.

  17. nice work says:

    Great job! these pictures are amazing.

  18. okay… Im mad these are so good.

  19. pierre says:

    you make my heart beat faster…

  20. Brianna says:

    These are beautiful!!! If you don’t mind me asking, what lens did you use for these shots?


  21. Nick Radford says:

    24L, 35L, 45TS-e, 85L

  22. jason ball says:

    Nicely done homeboy! Lovely tones in this one.

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