New York City.

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25 Responses to “New York City.”

  1. Andria Lindquist says:

    towards the end – street shot = sick. now i also have a girl crush on your wife. good times.

  2. Dan O'Day says:

    amazing set Nick, you make the subway look so calm!

  3. daniel chesnut says:

    loveeee these.

  4. ryan flynn says:

    the light in those last few portraits is insane!

  5. Phil Chester says:

    Gorgeous work man. Love the portraits.

  6. Bill Child says:

    Wow. Just spectacular!

  7. jsa says:

    they’re decent i guess if you like kick ass cities and awesome photography.

  8. francis tan says:

    is that pigeon on angry birds?

  9. Bill Blakey says:

    Rad stuff. Love that city.

  10. Katie says:

    Nicolas, I like these muy mucho.

  11. Shodatron says:

    I <3 NYC. These frames make me want to go back and take you with me. Brocation.

  12. amy says:

    a-mazing! So jealous!

  13. andy gaines says:

    Awesome set of images. Just found your work, and will probably have to spend the rest of the day looking at it, so cheers!

  14. Dianna says:

    My kind of town 🙂

  15. Fantastic story! I love it!

  16. Mike says:

    looks like you guys had an awesome trip to the Big Apple!

  17. Bossy Wedding Coordinator says:

    Mr. Radford – Amanda’s wedding coordinator here again. Son, your photos give me goosebumps. Not many things in life give me those anymore. Your photos do. A lot of them. You are a true craftsman in your trade; you don’t just snap photos . . . you capture the color of the human soul. And your wife . . . . she’s stunning. I think you should work for Time Magazine . . . but please don’t take any of the super dangerous assignments because we need you here, capturing the essence of what is still good in life as only you can. And New York is so dear to me; a little hard to look at her without those big Towers, but again – you captured her soul in only the way you could. How wonderful to see your work. Thank you Mr. R.

  18. Wow. Great stuff, Nick. Really, really solid. Beautiful work.

  19. Barak Obama says:

    nigga please. These are presidential.

  20. I comeback here in every day for watching these photos – fantastic.

  21. LOGAN COLE says:

    AWESOME Possum !!!!! So jealous and the editing is right on!
    And look Obama even liked them!

  22. gee says:

    awesomeness !!!!!

  23. nirav says:

    Rockin’ it NIck. Love these images brotha.

  24. Monique says:

    wow, i found your blog & iam very impressive & speachless…..
    thanks for inspiring..

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