Deep in the Oregon woods, unfathomable serenity, a lumber mill, and two lovely souls.

13 Responses to “Nick & Kate. Monroe, OR. Married”

  1. james frost says:

    awesome dude ! and that location is dreamy ! 🙂

  2. David says:

    Sick! If Harmony and I ever decided to have our wedding again we would have it at this beautiful location 😀 Awesome captures!

  3. aga says:

    wow, what an awesome location, and super cute wedding!

  4. Luis Godinez says:

    stunning to say the least.

  5. VALERIE says:

    AMAZING! So So so beautiful…I’m a new fan. I’m telling you again.

  6. Jason Ball says:

    HITACHI! Tugged my heart strings.

  7. J Shoda says:

    You killed this wedding like that tree branch in Montana.

  8. David says:

    Amazing, bro. Beautiful post.

  9. mjp says:

    lovely lovely 🙂

  10. You captured a lot of great moments.

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