This post has been a real tough one for me to get together. These were work trips; the photos I managed to snag were an after-thought and hardly tell a cohesive story. In New York we were involved in a handful of construction projects to rebuild houses with extensive water-damage. These people were living in houses riddled with mold with little else to do other than wait for an insurance check. It was tough to see. In Haiti I was part of a 3 man group to help build/relocate an Orphanage. The city of Jacmel, a few hours south of Port-au-Prince, has only one small dirt runway. There are plans in motion to build a full-size international airport in it’s place in an attempt to boost tourism. (they have GORGEOUS beaches) Unfortunately this means that an orphanage that was constructed shortly after the earthquake in 2010, is being torn town to make room. The new orphanage we’re helping get up dwarfs the old one and should be ready for children at the end of this month.

I would’ve loved to shoot instant film on these trips but the burden of carrying around film was more than I was willing to take on. After all, the point of going was to help these people get their lives back. In the end I decided to process these as if they we’re shot on instant film. I used the VSCO 3 film presets with absolutely no adjustments and no modifications. One click. relief-1001 relief-1002 relief-1003 relief-1004 relief-1005 relief-1006 relief-1007 relief-1008 relief-1009 relief-1010 relief-1011 relief-1012 relief-1013 relief-1014 relief-1015 relief-1016 relief-1017 relief-1018 relief-1019 relief-1020 relief-1021 relief-1022 relief-1023 relief-1024 relief-1026 relief-1027 relief-1028 relief-1029 relief-1030 relief-1031 relief-1032 relief-1033 relief-1034 relief-1035 relief-1036storyboard006relief-2002relief-2003relief-2004 relief-2006 relief-2007 relief-2008 relief-2009 relief-2010 relief-2011 relief-2012 relief-2013 relief-2014 relief-2015 relief-2016 relief-2017 relief-2018 relief-2019 relief-2020 relief-2021 relief-2022 relief-2023 relief-2024 relief-2025 relief-2026 relief-2027 relief-2028 relief-2029 relief-2030 relief-2031 relief-2032 relief-2033 relief-2034 relief-2035 relief-2036 relief-2037 relief-2038 relief-2039 relief-2040 relief-2041 relief-2042 relief-2043 relief-2044storyboard003relief-2047 relief-2048storyboard004relief-2051relief-2052relief-2053relief-2054relief-2055storyboard005relief-2056relief-2057relief-2058relief-2059relief-2060relief-2067storyboard001storyboard002relief-2068relief-2069relief-2075relief-2070relief-2071relief-2073relief-2074relief-2076

I put two sticks on the ground to mark the spot.

She said yes.

I clicked and clicked.

B&B-1001 B&B-1002 B&B-1003B&B-1006 storyboard001 storyboard002 storyboard003Bryce&Brooke-1001 Bryce&Brooke-1007 Bryce&Brooke-1008 Bryce&Brooke-1003 Bryce&Brooke-1002 Bryce&Brooke-1004 Bryce&Brooke-1006 Bryce&Brooke-1005 Bryce&Brooke-1010 Bryce&Brooke-1011 Bryce&Brooke-1013 Bryce&Brooke-1014 Bryce&Brooke-1009 Bryce&Brooke-1012

T&E-1003T&E-1002T&E-1004 T&E-1005 T&E-1006 T&E-1007 T&E-1014 T&E-1017 T&E-1018 T&E-1015 T&E-1016 T&E-1008 T&E-1009 T&E-1010 storyboard001 T&E-1013 T&E-1021 T&E-1019 T&E-1025 storyboard002 storyboard003 storyboard004 T&E-1031 T&E-1034 storyboard005 storyboard006 storyboard007 T&E-1022

hugs to Nick Pitt for making photos with me and for magic.