I remember like it was yesterday, because it was. (not really)  I went outside to enjoy the sunshine, walk my dog, and check my email. It was a beautiful morning; crisp and clean…and not a cloud in the sky. When I opened my email, I saw an email titled “Palm Springs Elopement”…and I knew. Glory had arrived.  Suddenly the sun’s rays encompassed my body, and flames shot out of my eyes, painting a circle of fire around me…the sky was torn open with a pair of divine hands, and all the angels of Heaven descended upon the earth, their trumpets ablaze with triumphant music. Out of the heavenly abyss I heard a voice as deep as eternity proclaim to me, “Thou art welcome in the Kingdom of Heaven.  And I thought to myself, “And I haven’t even opened the email, yet!” So I smashed my mouse onto the email and accidentally punched through the  plastic as though it were made of wet kleenex…and I read the most beautiful inquiry of ever.

Fast forward a few months..

Jeff and I are on our way out to meet Tom & Jenn on the most happy of days. We punch danced with instantaneous vigor the entire car ride.
Once we met up with Tom and Jenn the real fun began; it was much like having seven ninja goddesses surrounding us on all sides giving us high fives.
Wedding time. A tree sprouted out of the ground and grew to three hundred feet in height right before our very eyes just to get married under, nothing out of the ordinary when you’re as awesome as Tom and Jenn.
Todd had us in tears as he lead the couple into marriage. Such a perfect moment.

Tom. Jenn. Thank you. Thank you for gifting us with the extraordinary honor of tagging along and be a part of your lives. You make us love what we do.

Todd. Thank you for making us look like sissy la-las with your gentle words of marriage. You are a good man.

Got ready at The Parker.
Few photos at The Ace.
Became Husband and Wife at Secret Desert Spot by The OC Wedding Guy.
Now stop crying, play the music, scroll down, and see what I mean.

Ps. As if these guys aren’t cool enough, Tom is also a musical genius (This is his band) and he wrote the song for their video. Frick ya, Tom. Frick ya.

[audio:http://nick-radford.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/03-God-hears-our-Music-and-He-likes-It.mp3|titles= God hears our Music and He likes It]

21 Responses to “Tom & Jenn. Married.”

  1. The sky. The windmills. That couple.


  2. Auntie Val says:

    Enjoyed the pictures – You are such a beautiful couple – hope to meet you both soon – may you have many, many years of happiness.

  3. amy flurry says:

    Congratulations. Makes me so happy to see you glowing so. What beautiful pictures. Lucky man who gets to share life with you! Amy

  4. James frost says:

    So so rad you guys in the u.s get the funkyest weddings ! Sick work love the colours to

  5. Jacob Lacey says:

    dammmmmmn man this post rocks. if i could pick a fav, it would be all of them.

  6. J Shoda says:

    This is effing special. Nice job Radman.

  7. Maggie Fortson says:

    Wow! So awesome.

  8. Chris Walters says:

    Your composition is amazing! Great shots.

  9. well done sir! you nailed the uniqueness of the day. ps. todd is a family friend, that was cool seeing him; i’m glad he had you in tears 🙂

  10. Phil Chester says:

    Incredible dude. Wonderful story told perfectly.

  11. Stephen says:

    Beautiful images! I just saw this on Green Wedding Shoes and had to come on over and tell you how beautiful your work is. Keep it up!

  12. Ellice says:

    Ummm yeh, I guess it ok! 😉 Seriously awesome!

  13. loved your story man. it’s funny eh how you just *know* from the very first email, sh*t’s gonna go down. and it totally did. i couldnt be more fall in loveingness with elopements. they just had this wonderful feeling to them. you couldnt have shot it any better my friend.

  14. The Detailed Life says:

    i love that one of them sitting on the rock, with their backs to us…

  15. ryan flynn says:

    So good. I love the closeness of the ceremony. Doesn’t get much better.

  16. kimbo says:

    Ahhh…This makes me so happy. 🙂 just perfect.

  17. Real gorgeous stuff here, mister.

  18. Jillian says:

    i love everything about this couple…listened to his track as I looked through these photos, and was amazed by the elegant simplicity of it all. Bravo to you and the couple Nick, just stunning.

  19. Ashley says:

    just stumbled across your work. very nice, sir.

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