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Steven is a madman. Steven is a geniusman. Steven happens to be the Best Man at my wedding, and today he asked Michelle to be his wife.

He picked up the ring TODAY, and shot me a text asking if I’d shoot some photos next week when he proposed. Of course I agreed.

Not 30 minutes later, he lets me know that IT”S GOING DOWN TODAY. (If you know Steven this shouldn’t be a surprise)

I sped home, grabbed my gear and was off to a cove in Laguna, where Steven and Michelle were going to “hang out”.

The plan was that were going to have a little picnic and then walk out to a point where Steven would pop the question.

Steven sent me a map of where they were and thought I should set up to the “left” of them.

Note :”Left” isn’t a very good way to tell someone where to be.

I assumed left meant to my left facing the water, which would be the south side.

He assumed left meant left on the map, which would be the north side.

Im now walking up a cove, thinking that they’re on the next cove north, but wait, who’s this ten feet away from me? THEM.

LUCKILY I had a hoody on and was able to turn around and walk back before Michelle could spot me. ALMOST BLEW IT.

I tucked myself into the cliff and shot these.

couldn’t be happier for these two. Wish you the best.