7am Yoga —-> Dance party ’til 4am. These people are all lovely dance robots. (at midnight the pizza was unleashed) It was all that is good.
Infinite thanks to Logan Cole for letting me steal his whole self for this. You are a good little man.

17 Responses to “Tom & Angie. Chico, CA. Married.”

  1. huggz boson says:

    This wedding fully just touched me in the Shakras.

  2. isaiah says:

    i need another word for money so i can describe this. skrilla is out of the question. maybe gouda

  3. I like what you did there, with the pictures and the bazooka.
    Okay, j/k. about the bazooka. I meant the lightsaber
    Okay, j/k. about the lightsaber. I meant the chainsaw
    Okay, j/k. about the chainsaw. I meant the shrink ray
    Okay, j/k. wait, what are we taking about. Oh yeah, you pitched a tent at the end. good job.

  4. matt says:

    epic, literally. and well done sir radford

  5. Igor Demba says:

    The guys above have got way too cool adjectives to describe this madness, so I’ll just stick with, you did so well son! The flower girl and the mini stud ring boy are so next. Get ready!

  6. Angie says:

    Nick was amazing, he was so much fun to work with and made everything easy and fun! You captured our day beautifully! Thank you! Logan hope you are feeling better, and thank you for all the great pics. I can’t wait to see your getto booty dance! Fist bumps* high fives* hugs* thank you so much!

  7. Even without the pizza, this was delicious.

  8. andrew lee says:

    love that first shot. nice work.

  9. KIPPLES says:

    Beautiful wedding, beautiful couple. Great work… A treat to look at. And even a #shodablessed in there.

  10. geneoh says:

    love the first shot dude, great wedding!

  11. insane, masterpiece

  12. These are just absurdly good man, so well seen.

  13. ryan flynn says:

    for once, i don’t have to come away from a wedding post thinking, “Man, that needed more tipis. And pizza. And dance parties. And fun.”

  14. Im kinda mad this is so good, fun, goooodd and fuuun!

  15. Rog says:

    Kristin, don’t be mad.

  16. LOGAN COLE says:

    Dudeee mannn! So happy I got to experience this along side you! You rocked it.

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