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Snow Polo - St. Regis, Aspen

DEUS:   088/26812—81
REX-13: 978-0882681/283
my fav week of the year. this creative deliverable feels perfectly tailored for my skillset. there’s a live element with constant activations, hosted dinners, and the polo event itself - which harkens back to my decade as a wedding photographer. i live for that in-the-moment rush. 

St. Regis, the client for this project, has been the best partner and encourages me to find the stories where they find me - to go embed where i can, to wander, to fingale my way into the most precarious and hilarious situations - and i love them for that. my photos from this event have been picked up by Vogue, US Weekly, FLAUNT, Forbes, and many others. 

for you, for me  -n