i parnter with brands and people and we do some good ole fasioned photo makin’. 

relentlessly open to conversations with a curious heart. 


For Griff

DEUS:   088/26812—81
REX-13: 978-0882681/283
i had finished Rick Rubin’s book “The Creative Act” the week before the WSL finals rolled through town. havin my jollies properly jingled by that man’s reframe of an artist’s roll, of their duty to society, i set out make some heart art for it’s own sake. 

i can be a bit of a wanderer, my camera gets me access to people and places i’d otherwise not have. it gives me a place to dissapear into and a purpose to be anywhere. 

and like, what a special time to live in san clemente, the best lil surf town in the world.  watching every shop and street turn red with posters and stickers is a gd hoot. lemme tell ya. the whole town went a bit nanners and showed up on the sand to vibe out our local boy. 

i had some friend of friend connections that hand delivered this book to Griff after the finals. 


for you, for me  -n